Useful information

Good to book tee-off times before you arrive, but do not be sure that you come out exactly on time. Caddy is mandatory and they help you with everything from choosing clubs to read the greens = faster game.
There are small " kiosks "  after every third hole, it is customary to also buy drinks for your caddy when buying for yourself .
Caddy fee pays along with the green fee at the reception. Tip for the caddy after game is 300-500 bath for 18 holes.
When you rent our house you have 50% discount on green fees at Palm Hills.
On other courses, it is best to book through an agent to get a discount, for example, you can do so at; Thailand Golf and Leisure Co.Ltd  or at AGP Golf

Car Hire
It is expensive to rent a car. The easiest is probably to take a taxi if you are not used to driving in Asia or on the left side. It can be difficult to find parking in Hua Hin and ifyou don´t drive it is no problem having a Singa at the restaurant.
We simply call Art, mobile: 0832667439, 085 191 2748 or 081 455 8577 and when we want to go home, we have either an appointment with him, or give him a call about 30 minutes before we want to go home. Simple, reliable, but not always on time.
Transfers too, Bkk- Hua Hin approx. Art 2500 thb for a car.

A more expensive but good supermarket is Villa Market, they have imported products from Europe and Australia 
Macro is the nearest large grocery store, about 4 km from Sam Baan. However, they sell most big pack and do not take credit cards, ATM inside the store, bring your own bags.
Market Village is located along the main road in the southern parts of Hua Hin.
There are clothing shops, banks, restaurants, pharmacy and Tesco located at the rear on the ground floor. Blue Port is another galleria south of Market Village.

The Night Market
Open daily approx 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Night Market in Hua Hin is a must to visit. Bargaining margin is included in the price.
You can not only shop here, there are also really good restaurants on the upper part of the street. We like "Lung Ja Seafood" with pink walls they have good seafood.

The Golf restaurant at Palm Hills has good food, both Thai and western food.
A must in Hua Hin is to try one of the restaurants on the piers just before the Hilton, there are many piers, everyone will find their favorite, ours is Chao Lay.
Also on the night market you will find many very good restaurants. see abov.
Just opposite the main road and the entry to Palm Hill we can recommend you beach restaurant Chom Ta Lay, or " Youyen Hua Hin Balcony"
There are sevrel good Italian restaurant in Hua Hin.

The nearest beach is 3 km from Baan Sam.
There are both reasonably priced restaurants and clothing vendors on the beaches that will do anything to get your attention. Barging with vendors. Many of the items they sell are also available at Market Village at better prices!

Cost 250 - 300 thb to Hua Hin center from the house.
You often have to bargin but no tip.
You can order the taxi to  the Red House Palm Hills 1445/263, we usually call Art  at mobile number: 0832667439 , 085 191 2748 or 081 455 8577  he , his brother or father will pick you up, you never know.

All taxis, including Art makes excursions.

Lung Ja seafood, our favorit at the nightmarket
Lung Ja seafood, our favorit at the nightmarket